French MEPs, where are you at?

Empty chair policy at the EP?  Credit: CC/Flickr/Ronnie Mcdonald

Empty chair policy at the EP?
Credit: CC/Flickr/Ronnie Mcdonald

José Bové (Green party) was the first one to draw attention on the absence of French MEPs at the European Parliament (EP). So much so that Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Front de Gauche) felt compelled to publish a document on his website justifying his absences.

Question: what is the secret to being a good MEP? Is it the percentage of votes you participated in? The amount of time you spent in the Parliament buildings during your mandate? The number of questions or remarks? What do you think, readers?

In the meantime, here are some numbers on the main French MEPs looking for a new mandate to the EU, so that you can make up your mind on the value of these statistics. Reminder to understand the ranking in parenthesis: there are currently 766* representatives in the European Parliament. Also, an attendance record below 50% means the MEP loses half of his/her daily allowance.

To give you a sense of perspective: here are the numbers of Marie-Thérèse Sanchez-Schmid (UMP), who won the Parliament Magazine award for best MEP for regional development. She is contributing to the creation of  pan-European railway network.

85% attendance in parliamentary votes (453rd)
33 questions (336th)
131 reports amended (99th)
3 reports drafted (140th)

José Bové (Greens) CC/Flickr/dmonniaux

José Bové (Greens)

José Bové (Europe Ecologie):

86% attendance in parliamentary votes (412th)
25 questions (487th)
Motions for resolution (252nd)
54 reports amended (426th)
5 Reports drafted (80th)

Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Front de Gauche)

70% attendance in parliamentary votes (677th)
42 questions (357th)
40 motions for resolution (150th)
6 reports amended (690th)
0 report drafted (677th)

Corinne Lepage (formerly CAP21, now the founder of Europe citoyenne)

80% attendance in parliamentary votes (566th)
44 questions (343rd)
13 motions for resolution (311th)
184 reports amended (24th)
2 reports drafted (215th)

Marine Le Pen (Front National)

66% attendance in parliamentary votes (709th)
3 questions (715th)
0 motions for resolution (454th)
0 reports amended (738th)
0 reports drafted (551rst)

Harlem Désir (Parti Socialiste)

50% attendance in parliamentary votes (752nd)
14 questions (601rst)
26 motions for resolution (212th)
12 reports amended (660th)
1 report drafted (372nd)

Alain Lamassoure (UMP)

83% attendance in parliamentary votes (503rd)
7 question (673rd)
4 motions for resolution (491st)
35 reports amended (565th)
4 reports drafted (97th)

All numbers are courtesy of VoteWatch Europe, as seen on April 11. 

* There will only be 751 left after the May elections (max. number allowed by the Lisbon Treaty) – proportions had to be recalculated because of the addition of Croatia to the Union.