Why Asterix?

Asterix is a beloved comic book character whose small village in Gaul relentlessly resists the Roman empire, and who goes through amazing adventures all over the word. Aside from the pun, the relationship between Asterix and the Roman Empire is in a way very similar to the one France currently has with the European Union. Asterix and the other villagers refuse all contact with the Roman Empire, but use the roads it has created to travel, and even help Cesar from time to time.

My name is Albane Flamant (more about my work here), I’m a Belgian master student in Journalism & International Affairs at Sciences Po, Paris. I currently live in France, and follow passionately everything related to the European Union. At a time where characters such as Marine le Pen have a great influence on French politics, I find it interesting to analyze in details the complex relationship between the EU and one of its oldest members. My posts will have a rather editorial tone, but will be supported by solid facts.

I am expecting your comments, your suggestions, your critiques, in order to further the discussion. Please follow me on Twitter and Facebook to keep the conversation alive and to be alerted when there are new posts!


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